Hemity is a company that believes in creating value added services that spans across different domains throughout the Sultanate of Oman.
Our principle is to make sure that we deliver the top of the line services across all these domains. They vary from educational solutions all the way to Custom project management. We deliver the perfect solutions with the most precise timing so that all our customers are able to reap the benefits from the rendered services. Hemity also strives to make this country more developed in terms of the intelligence and skill sets that are needed for the ever changing future.
Our consistent focus on on using Technology to simplify the lives of the people in Oman has always given us a competitive advantage Over The Other companies. Technology can make our lives better- this is a statement that we have been hearing for the past couple of years. We believe that it is absolutely true and that we must embrace Technology and the change that comes along with it.
The pivotal role played by technology in almost every industry around the globe is becoming more and more important as each day passes by. The speed in which technology is penetrating into our lives is much faster than ever before. If we do not adapt ourselves and upgrade our existing systems with the sudden change in technology we might not be able to sustain a long-term existence within the market.

The Hemity team has consistently work towards this objective and has always emphasized the importance of introducing the most advanced form of Technology to our customers. In the field of education we have always brought the latest innovation that the Oman market has not seen and it has always paid off by bringing us amazing feedback from the students as well as the parents. One of the major key players in the market when it comes to implementing Technology is the availability of skilled labour. The Hemity team have been blessed to have the smartest brains and the most quickest problem-solving attitude personnel in Oman. The solutions that we bring towards the table are always out of the box and not only does it provide the solution for the client but also creates a strong statement that most of our competitors will never be able to match up with.

We often ask ourselves the question- are we the number one Technology company in Oman? Are we then number one product management company in Oman? are we the best educational company in Oman? And often the answer is yes. It is because of our belief that we are able to provide exactly what the clients are looking for and instead of throwing out corporate jargons to make clients over pay we simplify the whole structure and present the deal towards the client just like a simple startup would do.

Hence in the field of education or in the field of product management we have always come out with flying colours whenever we pitch an idea or a solution that resolves the issue faced by our customer. Today we are the youngest multidimensional multi operational multi domain Technology startup in Oman that caters to almost every single requirement that a top corporate entity can have in Oman.


Our Mission

Connect the creative ideas of a bright reality through smart future education and training.

Our Vision

The best companies in the education and training industry for a renewed future.