What is Data Science? Is it the same as Data Analytics? Or is it Machine Learning? or Deep Learning? Or all these the same thing? Now, what about Image Processing? What is that about? And there is this other thing called Natural Language Processing, which drives chat bot systems.

So what exactly do you mean by Data Science? Is it the combination of everything that is mentioned above or is it something entirely different?

Hold on, We will get to that in a minute.

But before that let’s look at this question :

Why Data Science?

Data Science, in the current context, is very much like what oil was to the late 1800s and internet to the late 90s. It is estimated that by 2030, Data Science will be a point of interest to every 1 in 10 companies, and even as of now, the demand for data scientists in all fields is immense! It’s estimated that there are close to 800,000 positions across the globe that lack a suitable match – just due to scarcity of engineers in this field! Which means whether you’re an entrepreneur or a corporate employee looking to broaden and advance your career – now is the perfect time to upgrade and update yourself with Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (don’t worry, both these terms mean pretty much the same thing!) Becoming a Data Scientist/AI Engineer, you would become a potential candidate for companies in countries like the United States of America with an average salary of 80,000 USD a year!

As the world is shutting down for the next few months due to COVID 19, we at Hemity urge you to make the most of this setback. The recession and social distancing leaves all us with a lot of free time – time to rethink, upgrade and reinvent yourself. This is the time when you sit down, buckle up and consume as much knowledge as you can, because when the economy wakes up after this crash – you can be locked and loaded to attack every single opportunity that comes by you. It’s all about equipping yourself with the right kind of tools that helps you to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, Netlfix and Google (F.A.N.G) don’t even care about your college degree anymore – all they want is skill. So make sure to equip yourself with the right kind of ammo by the time the fog clears.We want to make sure that we serve you the best data science course in the middle east. And we will do whatever it takes to see that all of you are uplifted into an entirely new zone.

Who should take it?

If you’ve ever asked yourself the same, or lifted an eyebrow in consideration of learning ‘Data Science’ yourself – we’ve got you covered. You probably didn’t understand a single technical word given in the first paragraph. We know that – and that is completely fine. Regardless of whether you’re in the Computer Science field, or not, we recognise that almost anyone can have an interest to dive right into this novel area that is quickly becoming a buzzword, if it has not already.. What were probably just jargons that you may have seen techies sling at each other will no longer be alien to you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a senior developer at Google or a 7th grade student – if you have the passion for data science and it’s subjects, if you’re interested in taking it up as a career or even maybe as a hobby – we’ve got a package for everyone!

What can we provide you?

We have designed a data science course, that is unlike any you may have seen or considered in the past – especially in the middle east. We call it Faster Data Science. We are not claiming that it is the fastest data science course, but it is the most efficient one. We have sat down and spent hours designing a strategy and a learning syllabus that can take you from being a novice beginner in coding straight to the heart of Data Science. If you already have a grasp on coding – the very same pipeline can be applied to you as you would easily fit somewhere in between. Simply, it’s a modular course – for everybody!

We will have 3 major batches :

  • Beginners: This track of the course is aimed at those who are completely new to the field of Computer Science and Data Analytics. We take you from learning how to code straight towards knowing how to design your own Machine Learning models!
  • Advanced: This is for those who know how to code but lack knowledge in the field of Data Science/AI and for those who that immediately aim to pick up Data Science as a profession.
  • Custom Pickers: In both the Beginners as well as Advanced tracks, the syllabus is split into multiple modules – like Computer Vision, NLP, Pattern Recognition and so on. Mix and Match – pay for only what you want to learn!

How does the course work?

  • Click the link below to register yourself for the course with the necessary details.
  • You will then receive details on how to make the payment.
  • Once done with the payment, you will be notified of the timings of the class.
  • You will be added to our Telegram channel.
  • Classes will be taken on EZTalks, so make sure to download the software. You will receive a link on Telegram to the class 10 minutes before the class starts.
  • You can always reach out to us via call, email or whatsapp. Our crew will help you out with the queries.

How long is the course?

It all depends on what you want to learn. While courses like Beginner and Advanced have a specific time period, if you plan to take specific modules – you’ll be having a different number of hours to complete. But to make things streamlined and easy, we have divided all the courses into One hour per day packets.


  • The entire course from BEGINNERS TO ADVANCED gets you 110 hours of classes.
  • The Advanced Only course gets you 80 hours of classes
  • The Beginners course gets you 30 hours of classes
  • And if you want to pick out your own custom classes, each of the advanced classes are 20 hours each. At the minimum, we will make sure you get at least 20 hours of training.


Our’ course is custom made for the singular purpose of getting you from wherever you are right now in the field of Computer Science to being a Data Science Engineer. It’s unlike any other course out there.

  • The Entire Course will just cost you 65 RO.
  • The Advanced Only will just cost you 45 RO
  • The Beginners Only will just cost you 20 RO
  • And the custom packs start at just 15 RO


We are living in a time like never before. History has never seen such sudden tectonic shifts in the worldwide economy as we see today. The Job market is swinging wildly, people are losing out on jobs because they fall short of the criteria laid out by the employers. The Fortune 500s do not want the A graders anymore, they want the self made experts. They want the best in the industry. Not the certificate and rank holders.

People like Elon Musk who are on the forefront of redefining the world with the power of AI and Machine Learning have no regard for the status quo. Now if you want to work for such people or work with such people, you definitely need to be more upgraded than just being knowledgeable in MS Office. You have to know more than just what you see in you-tube tutorials. You have to learn to invest into yourself, 500 dollars on a designer bag will not get you to the promise land, 500 dollars to Upgrade yourself, Just might.

So what you are waiting for?

Register yourself and take the opportunity that let’s you say to the world that you are on the forefront of technology as it progresses day by day. You can proudly admit to yourself that now you are moving at the same pace that the world is moving. Things like the COVID-19 do have a silver lining – They let you take a break and learn from the Best Data Science course providers In the Middle East.

Welcome to Faster Data Science, by Hemity.